New York, NY   
Brand Identity & Design
2019 — 2020
Using aesthetically pleasing photos of the plethora of dishes that exist in Korean cuisine, Noona began it’s educative culinary journey on Instagram, appealing to the global food community and offering foodie’s delicious insight into the well-loved restaurants of Korean-food-fanatics.

The branding of “Noona,” exists as Helvetica Bold. The Noona logo intergates into the brand’s name via two o’s modified to represent a boy and a girl holding hands. This appeals to the hearth and meaning of the word “noona,” indicative of having someone to go guide you through life, an ode to Noona’s founding and brand philosophy.

Noona’s red-orange color was chosen in reference to the importance of chili powder in Korean cuisine, particularly in it’s use in kimchi. The bright red-orange color was chosen bothh for its’ cultural significance and to be indicative of the  warmth and peppery spice that gives Korean cuisine it’s signature heat. #f26522.

Noona’s blue is a toned down, sky-blue color was chosen for its cool toned serenity and  contrast from the red-orange Bright enough to be cheerful, and not overly gloomy or dark, but white text can still be put over it without any issue of legibility. #a2ddf5

Educational Kimchi Gifs

The Kimchi Encyclopedia Zine

Noona Merchandise

Galbi Recipe Zine

Noona Cooking Class Advertisement

Noona Cooking Class Mystery Invitation